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Accelerate results with Red21


Red21 offers a complete solution to your needs for qualified training:


  • Lessons at home or work without spending time in moving to a learning centre.


  • Distance courses that reach anywhere in the world.


  • Recognized certificates throughout the globe.


  • Job opportunities for students who took our courses.


  • Business courses specially designed for in-house employees training.


  • Red21 is one of the leader companies in Teleworking (i.e., working online) development, which gives graduates the opportunity to access job offers anywhere in the world.



Below there are some of the main advantages about taking an online course.



Red21 has been training people via Internet for 12 years now, which makes us aware of the current education needs.


Based on this, we have developed a comprehensive training solution within your reach and that will bring you immediate benefits.

Our courses [+]


Online Course: Profesional Graphic Design 2014


Graphic design is one of the on-the-spot careers at present for it generates part of the environment that surrounds us. Currently, it is not only about printed magazines or leaflets; apart from all printed promotional material (posters, fliers, packaging, etc), there is outdoor advertising like enlargements and neon signs, as well as web design and its revolution, which contributed with more than 900 million web pages published.


It is on this scenario, where we have proved Graphic Design meets many goals, that the present Professional Design Course with 2013 up-to-date contents has been developed.

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Distance Course: Web Design Professional


Nowadays a web designer has an important role when it comes to achieve good online communication results for a company. This discipline is not only about designing pages in the visual sense, but also programming all the aspects which make it possible to execute those pages. This activity has become more and more specialized, thus the designer needs to master all the necessary particular skills to deal with it.


Because of that, we have conceived different courses: Professional Web Design, Website Producer, PHP Programming, Dreamweaver, Dreamweaver + PHP.


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Distance Course: Digital Photography


The digital era has revolutionised photography and videotaping, not only for traditional camera users, but also for millions of new digital camera supporters who have chosen them. Some people believe computers have changed the way in which photos and videos are taken, shown and shared.

Red21 offers the best photography course online: Professional Digital Photography



Learn Spanish


Learn Spanish online! Now! You can learn Spanish online with this online course. That's really possible. You'll find a complete compendium of the Spanish grammar with loads of spoken examples on this site.  Easy to understand and with a clear navigation. You'll find  this very useful to learn Spanish or check specific topics.

Take a look!

PC Repair and Maintenance Course

ImgCurrently, one of the most in demand professions is PC repairing for 98% of the companies use computers at some stage in their production process; therefore it is vital that they work properly.


Moreover, with the increasing emergence of new hardware equipment upgrade is essential to obtain more productivity. Hence the task of a technician is not only that of breakdowns diagnosing and solving but also about computers upgrading and maintaining so they can be as productive as possible.





Programming is an activity that has quick professional integration, especially now that through teleworking you can program software for companies located anywhere in the world.


Red21 offers programming courses in the most often requested languages by the labour market: PHP Programming, Java Programming, and Artificial Intelligence and Robotics.


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Distance learning courses with higher labor demand


Profesional Graphic Design, Professional web design, PC Repair and Maintenance. Otros cursos de reciente lanzamiento : Ecommerce , Telework, Artificial intelligence and robotics, Virtual Robotics , Professional Photoshop, Digital professional photography, Java Programming, Java Movile Programming (J2ME).

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